Superior Support

  • Superior Support

    When you need help, we've got your back.

    If you're like most emailers, your time to execute projects and campaigns is limited, and you operate under some degree of pressure to get things done.

    When you have a campaign that needs to go out, a problem with a creative, or your just not sure how to make your campaign work the way you wanted it to, you expect timely help and support.

    You need someone to “have your back.”

    At MarketTraq, we get it. We’ve all been there as the Marketer with the deadline, and the problem that needed to get solved. We know how incredibly frustrating it can be to not have your needs met when you need help.

    When you need help with our email marketing and tracking software, the MarketTraq Team is always there for you. We don’t have silly “well… send an email and we’ll look into it” kind of requirements. We don’t make you wait. If it’s 2AM on a Sunday you can call our 24 Hour Hotline, and we’re there for you. Ask us for the number, we invite you to test our availability at the most ungodly hour you can imagine. We’ll be there, and we guarantee it.

    It’s also our Mission and stated goal to produce a service level that our competition, simply cannot match. Frankly what could be more fun? For even for the most complex issues and challenges, we’re backed by Internet Marketing Company, Endai Worldwide, whose expertise and resources are trusted by some of the largest global brands in the world, so whatever the size of your email marketing challenges, we’re here for you, and we’ll deliver results you can count on. Guaranteed. GET STARTED