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    You need Email results. MarketTraq delivers.

    Everyone knows it, the inbox is jammed, this makes the mission of the email marketer that much more difficult. At the same time, email marketers know email works — and it’s the killer app because everyone has it.

    The marketers email mission… cutting through the clutter, and getting their email opened and clicked.

    After delivering over hundreds of millions of targeted emails for our customers, we know what works more than anything: Relevancy. Email that is relevant to a consumers interests gets a greater response every time.

    MarketTraq is email marketing and tracking software designed from the ground up to increase your email results by making it easy to increase the relevancy of your emails. One size fits all email marketing is already a thing of the past. Today each message needs to be specific to the subscriber on your email list receiving it.

    MarketTraq helps you leverage advanced personalization, dynamic customization of content and automated testing, as well as several other tools, to ensure that every message and subject line reads as if it were written with the needs, interests and preferences of every individual list subscriber in mind.

    When your customers, subscribers, and prospects receive email messages that are statistically optimized, dynamically personalized and leverage information that you know about that individuals behaviors and preferences —results don’t just increase, they sky rocket.

    If you're ready, let us help you to transform your email marketing program, and generate huge increases in performance by ratcheting up the relevancy of your email communications and campaigns.

    Contact us today to find out if MarketTraq can help you achieve the way many of our customers have. GET STARTED