MarketTraq Authorized Consultant (MTAC)

MTAC Become a MarketTraq Authorized Consultant (MTAC)

You're an agency or marketing services professional organization. You want to bring solutions that make a difference to your customers. You want to generate incremental revenue for your client, and have good billable opportunities for your organization. You insist upon leading edge technologies that allow you to change the game for your Clients, that are straightforward and easy to use.

Email marketing is a huge business opportunity for the agency, and a solution in demand by marketers. Consider that 29% of email marketers have an annual budget between $100,000 and $1,000,000 for email marketing.

While the agency has lots of options in terms of email marketing and tracking software packages, there are exceedingly few in terms of a true Partner. The majority of agencies are experts in several niches, and don't have dedicated, laser-focused email marketing professional staff to drive new business pitches, and service demanding accounts.

This is why we've created the MarketTraq Authorized Consultants (MTAC) program. When you become an MTAC, you gain premium access to professional support resources, not only when it comes to technical implementation, but when it comes to creating a compelling email marketing strategy that Clients appreciate for its quality and results.

Exclusive MTAC Benefits

When you become an MTAC, you gain access to specific:

✓ Licensed access and use of the MTAC Badge for your website and collateral, and a reciprocal link on the website.
✓ Exclusive access to training on email marketing, strategy, planning, and optimization.
✓ Selected case studies to be featured on
✓ Ongoing sales, technical and subject matter support on Clients. When we're partnered up with an agency that does many things, our strength supports the agency in winning.
✓ Access to the top professional staff that very few agencies can staff to a pitch or an account. So we'll try and help you shine and win email business, and subsequent support when we support you in getting them up and running on MarketTraq.
✓ MTAC's also get a MarketTraq Email license for use in promoting their agency and communicating with Clients and prospects.

Interested in becoming an MTAC, call us today at 212.430.0808 x 103 to learn more about requirements, and to apply.