Enterprise Class Features

  • Dynamic Dashboard: we find the most important data, and show you that first.

    When you have limited time, and pressure to generate campaigns and results, you need to know what is working, and what is not —and quickly. The dynamic dashboard in MarketTraq Email Marketing Software is a super fast way to learn what’s performing and why, and what is lacking. In literally a few seconds you can grab this information, and with as little as one click, move on to the solution, or capitalize on an opportunity. GET STARTED

  • Intelligent Testing: Learn which email creative, & subject line work best automatically.

    It’s a fact, 90% of email marketers either don’t engage in rigorous testing, or don’t test multiple creatives, offers and subject lines before deploying their campaigns. While we hope this doesn’t sound like you, statistically speaking, it probably does. No worries however, MarketTraq automatically split tests your campaign to a small segment of your list and automatically rolls out the higher performer. Feel free to take a nap while MarketTraq does the math on the optimal campaign, and deploys it for you. GET STARTED

  • Full Google Analytics Integration

    If you use Google Analytics, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re fully integrated with Google at the API level —which means we’re exchanging performance data with Google dynamically, and in real time.  What this allows you to do is harness the power of Google Analytics, and MarketTraq Email, with no additional effort. If you don’t use GA, we’ll help you set it up for free. The results you’ll create with this capability and our support, are what most marketers only dream about.
    Google + MarketTraq Email Tracking Software = Amazing Email Results. GET STARTED

  • Behavioral Targeting: target and personalize based on what they responded to before.

    Response usually comes from folks who have responded before —the most common prior response being when you acquired the lead or customer. That said, if you know what they are responding to, you can convert them far easier. If this was easy to do, you wouldn’t hesitate to do it. Good news, MarketTraq Email logs every email opened, clicked and every sale along with lots of other data. When you send out an offer, information or alert —now you can target the specific individuals with an email you know they’ll respond to —because MarketTraq has already scanned every possible response and figured out what they are already proven to like and dislike, measured by actual, historical response. It’s even easy to do. GET STARTED

  • Dynamic Content: make every email look and feel like you have a personal relationship.

    Think about the best personal email, birthday card, or handwritten note you ever received. It probably connected with you deeply and personally, right? Now think about the average email you send to your list… it’s probably not comparable. It’s OK, because you’re not alone, it takes forethought, experience, and intimacy to write a message like that. While it’s unlikely you’ll bring every subscriber to tears by switching to MarketTraq —you will accomplish these same things with our intelligent rules-based dynamic content technologies. We call this technology M-Blocks™. It’s “180 degrees” from one size fits all, M-Blocks™ dynamically changes any image, copy, headline, or formatting —potentially for every single subscriber in your email campaign using data like what they buy, what they look at on your site, who they are, where they live and work and what they do when they are not reading your emails. In a word, M-Blocks™ is almost always game changing not only for you but for your prospects and customers. Now you really can make every email feel like you sat down and wrote it by hand —even if you’re sending them by the millions. GET STARTED